Quickcream supplies machine all over India with reasonable prices. If you have any query, you can contact us on the number given on the site or drop a mail.

You can go through the following FAQs for more information:

  • How long does it take to make ice cream roll?

Generally, it takes 1 minute to make ice cream rolls. All you need is to keep your ingredients already prepared for your rolls.

  • How can I get the best results from ice cream machine?

You can get the best results by 3 ways:

a) Choose premium ingredients or you can use our specially made premix powder for ice cream base.

b) Clear the pan after a particular duration, say, an hour.

c) Set the temperature properly, also check the refrigeration thing, whether it is working properly or not.

  • What is the delivery mode and the delivery charges for machine?

We provide you logistics service. You can avail it in two ways:

Either, your machine will be deliver to your near by logistics center or you can deliver machine to your home address. 600 Rs. extra charges for home delivery of all the machines. Following are the delivery charges for the machines:

a) Single Pan Machine -> 800-1000 Rs.

b) Single pan with boxes -> 1800-2000 Rs.

c) Double pan with boxes –> 3000 Rs.

  • Do you provide cart Model?

Yes, we provide customized cart model. The minimum range varies 6-8K.

  • What is the basic procedure of buying machine, in case of having no tin number?

Basic procedure is same in both cases (i.e. having or not having tin number). The only difference is tax rate. In absence of tin number, you have to pay the complete tax (12.5%). If you are having tin number, then you have to submit the C form and your 10.5% tax will return on your machine.

  • What is the guaranty or warranty period of pan machine?

There is 1 year warranty provided for compressor in both the machines (Indian and Imported) from manufacturer side. Rest, there is No guaranty.

  • Do you provide training? If yes, what are the charges and the expected duration?

Yes, we provide free training in Delhi. Training is also provided at Mumbai, Banglore, Kolkata at nominal charges 2500 Rs. for 2 days. We can also extend your training period as per your requirement but additional charges will be applied.

  • What is your Payment mode?

You can use both Paytm and Net Banking for transactions.

  • Are the machines easy to use and clean?

Yes, they are easy to use and clean. For cleaning, you can defrost the machine and clean the pan. Also, for cleaning of remaining area, you can use vinegar or soda or combination of both.

  • How much time do you need after Order?

It totally depends on your machine which you have ordered. In case of imported machine, it will deliver to you on the same day or max next day. In case of Indian machines, the duration depends on manufacturing time and delivery time.

a) single pan -> 7 days
b) single pan with containers -> 10-12 days
c) double pan manufacturing time -> 15 days

7-8 days is expected delivery time for Indian machines.



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