About Us

Quickcream is brand of roll ice cream machine owned by Hindchef Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by honored Mr. Sudhir Solanki and Mr. Jai Veer, Hind chef Pvt. Ltd is a nationally acknowledged establishment that expertise in making different industrial machines. Ice cream roll machine is one of the best selling machines here. In the last one decade, Hinchef has come up with an unbeatable name and brand nationwide.

The company has main manufacturing department in Delhi and has different websites which makes it easy for all to know more about us. Hindchef is the absolute solution to all industrial machines. Our ice cream roll machine is actually one of its kind. It gives you the perfect roll of ice cream with a sweet and cold flavored taste.

What makes Hindchef a reliable and valuable option for our customers is that we run with the time. All machines here are made with the aid of the latest automation. High valued computer technology is used to make perfect shape, size and working of the machines. We use Food grade stainless steel which is the best in items of food. Its terminology is actually a revolution which let health to be balanced with the right taste of food.

Whether it is design, quality or approach, Hindchef determination of lifting itself upwards has led to involvement in elite.  Hindchef’s excellence is shown in the product. This would not have been possible without the deep hard work and lightened vision of Mr. Sudhir Solanki and Mr. Jai Veer. Their long sighted vision, holistic approach, and excellence in this field have led to a complete success to Hindchef.  They have built new trends instead of walking on the simple rules.

Hindchef works on the principle that “Normal is for general but new is for unique”. This makes us a distinctive company which performs for a better today by focusing on tomorrow. Company products are the incomparable product design, style and it’s working with the solid and durable material.

All our present and potential customers are valuable to us. The connection with clientele is not just till the product is sold. But it is after sale as well. Hindchef, with its customers oriented policy, even provides free training to the employees in its factory based location i.e. Delhi. At all other nationwide areas, chargeable training is provided for trouble free and easy use of machine. Hindchef, like a real soul-mate, is connected to you to even set up the business. We provide all kinds of business solutions relevant for a startups and expansion.

Hindchef has a team of skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic members. The team has been chosen wisely to deliver excellence to the customers with complete satisfaction. With many reliable qualities, Hindchef is heading towards growth, prosperity and a huge list of happy clients.




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