Ice cream roll Premixes

Quickcream is leading supplier of premix powder for ice cream roll machine. The premix is made of 100% natural ingredients. We have premix clients all over India. The use of premix eliminates need of kitchen and saves lot of time.

The premix is required to make process of making ice cream roll very easy. The premix provides optimal taste and flavour. Our premix has ingredient to make ice cream thick, soft, consistent in taste and texture. It prevents formation of ice taste in ice cream rolls.

Roll Ice cream premix flavours

The concept of roll ice cream machine is for live ice cream. So premix don’t require any flavoring as such, so we prepare premix only in following essential flovour.

  • Plain Flavour: The plain flavour as the name suggest has no flavouring added to it. It is required if you wish to create your own flavours. Plain flavour is also recommended with mild fruits like blue blueberries. This is because if mild fruits are made with vanilla, vanilla being a strong flavour may suppress the flavour of fruits.
  • Vanilla flavour: Vanilla is most widely used ice cream roll premix. It goes well with most of recipes.
  • Chocolate flavour: Chocolate goes well will many flavour of ice cream.
  • On Demand flavour: We can also manufacture ice cream roll flavour as per your choice, for example some we have made charcoal flavour for some customer. For on Demand flavour minimum order is 80 Kg.
Ice cream roll premix usase trend

Ice cream roll premix usage trend

Note ⇒: 1 Kg of ice cream roll premix will make 5 kg of ice cream base after mixing.

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Price of ice cream roll premix.

Ingredients : Milk Powder, Sugar, natural flavour (vanilla or chockelete) and natural stabilizers.

Expiry : 1 years from date of packing

Packing Size: 1kg packet

Minimum Order: 20 KG, 1 KG or 500 gram sample available for sample.

Offer Price: Rs. 200/kg +GST

License: FSSAI

How to use premix

250 grams of premix can be added in 1 liters of milk. After adding premix no need to add sugar or stabilizers. If you want to used boiled milk, you should boil and then cool down before adding premix as boiling will reduce flavour of premix. We recommend that once premix is prepared it should be kept at  4° C. Discard after 12 hours once mixing is done.

Alternate of Premix: You can also prepair your own base by reducing milk to 50% and adding stabilizer and flavour to it. However preparing your own base cream, will require a proper kitchen setup and it will consume lot of time. Other disadvantage is your taste will vary daily because ingredient will vary slightly when you prepare roll base ice by yourself. We strongly recommend our premix for fired ice cream rolls.

Notes: Use of prefix decreases your overall cost as you save lot of labour and efforts. The cost of ice cream rolls service is less with this premix. You can know more about the input cost for a service of ice cream rolls. When you buy our fired ice cream machine we will give you training for using this premix.

Whatsapp us for samples of premix powder on 9312667788 or click the button below.

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